Monday, August 27, 2012

Changes Ahead for School SLP's

As I return to school this fall, the topic of Common Core State Standards is on my mind. As a literacy coach, I spent a fair amount of time during the previous school year studying the ELA standards. The district I work for has implemented both reading and writing workshop models for several years and the standards fit nicely within those instructional frames. We've also used Fountas & Pinnell Phonics Lessons as our word study program for KG through 3rd grade. The phonics principles and instructional goals are beautifully aligned with the Common Core State Standards and the checklists and assessments included in the program will come in handy for pre and post testing. Another resource that I think will be instrumental in helping me to link academic performance with speech IEP goals and objectives is The Continuum of Literacy Learning (PreK-8) also created by Fountas & Pinnell. The curriculum goals in the continuum are highly correlated to the CCSS.

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