Friday, June 15, 2012

Take Note: Paperport Notes

Yesterday, I wrote about how I used Notability for annotating, viewing, and organizing my PDF's. I've actually tried out a few other apps for the same purposes. I learned about Paperport Notes when I was playing around with Dragon Dictate, which is quite a nifty speech to text app. Like Notability, Paperport Notes allows me to upload my articles from Dropbox, read and annotate the text, rename the the articles, and save and open the articles in iBooks or Evernote. From the reviews I have read, the handwritten note capability is poor but that really wasn't a concern of mine. The biggest advantage of Paperport Notes was it's simplicity. I found it easy to use right off the bat.  The deal breaker for me was that I couldn't organize my articles in folders. But I could easily send my PDF's from Paperport Notes to iBooks, where they could be arranged nicely into folders. Even though I may not use Paperport Notes as my primary app for my PDF's, I am very pleased that I took the time to get to know it. This app can do things with  dictated notes that other apps cannot.

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