Thursday, June 14, 2012

Take Note: Notability

As I dive into the current journal articles from Language Speech and Hearing Services in the Schools (LSHSS), I've been playing with various apps that allow me to upload articles as PDFs, highlight and annotate them, and save my thinking for future reference. One app that I find to be pretty cool is Notability. All apps are tools and I choose my tools based on the job I need them to do. Notability does many things but my main concerns are being able to upload my PDFs from Dropbox, highlight the articles, add my own notes as I am reading, organize all my articles, be able to send them to my Evernote account, and open the annotated articles in iBooks. Notability allows me to do all of those things but as with all apps, there is a learning curve. The first time I played with it, I got a little overwhelmed. I got distracted with how to add handwritten notes, which it does nicely but that really isn't my purpose for using the app. For me, the biggest plus with Notability is the attractive organization system. I am able to upload my articles, rename them, and organize them by topic. And I love the colors.

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