Sunday, June 17, 2012

Take Note: GoodReader

Of all the apps for annotating and saving PDF's, GoodReader is my favorite (so far). This app does everything I want it to do. Other note taking apps such as Notability and Paperport notes have strong points but for me, GoodReader's excellent highlighting function and folder organization are superior to both of the previously mentioned apps. In addition, GoodReader allows me to write my thinking down in a sticky note that when saved, appears as a small speech bubble in the margin of the text. If I want to see what I wrote, I click the speech bubble and it appears as a sticky note. The sticky note function in the other apps covers up the text. And if I send my flattened annotated PDF's to iBooks, the little speech bubble can be clicked and the text of that note can be viewed as a page in the PDF.

I like that I can add my own text notes in the margins without covering
the text. I can also move the location of little note around if I want to.
Also, you can use your finger for highlighting but you get more
control with a stylus.

After I upload and annotate my articles, I can easily rename them
 and organize them into folders and subfolders in GoodReader.

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