Monday, June 18, 2012

Plans for Evernote

This is how my notebooks appear on my
laptop. I can stack notebooks in a group.
Speech therapy is actually a blast but the paperwork is insane. Writing IEP's, medicaid documentation, and all the other reporting that is required can quickly take time that could be spent working directly with children, teachers, and parents. I have to admit that keeping track of therapy notes, instructional ideas, and parent contacts was always a big challenge for me. I've resolved to use the tools I learned about as a literacy coach to help me navigate the sea of paper that comes with working as a speech therapist in the schools. I'm hoping to use a combination of Evernote and Google docs. Since this spring, I've really bonded with Evernote. I want to use it as a substitute for a file cabinet of student folders. Pretty ambitious but worth it. I'm thinking I would organize my Evernote notebooks by grade level and assign student names as tags. I could also add tags such as grade level, the name of the child's teacher, and key words for speech difficulty such as fluency, articulation, or language. Then again, maybe it would be better to put all notes in one notebook and use tags and saved searches using a combination of tags. I need to think about how I will want to access the information for planning, IEP meetings, and intervention meetings. In the past, I used the audio note feature to record students during running records. Now I look forward to using it to take audio notes of speech students. This will be a great tool to show progress and assist students to self-monitor. I wonder how other speech therapists out there are using Evernote.

This is how my notebooks appear on my iPad. They are gray because I haven't added any notes to the notebooks
 yet. Also, stacked notebooks don't appear in the iPad app so it is important to add useful tags for the purpose of searching.

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